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For Sapphire EHWA PDW is widely accepted in slicing and cropping process for and 6" sapphire wafer preparation and it tis expanding its presence in 8" sapphire wafer preparation process. Compared to Resin-coated diamond Wire, EHWA PDW has better thermal stability, longer lifetime and allows fast cutting time resulting in high throughput.

Sapphire Wafers (Al2O3) grown using CZ, EFG, HEM, KY methods

Sapphire wafers are made by cleaving and grinding a crystal bar. During the cutting process, there is a large amount of thermal and mechanical stress, which can cause a deep damage layer. After the cutting, the material undergoes a polishing step to increase its flatness and curvature.

Processing and machining mechanism of ultrasonic vibration

Grinding force ratios for CG and UVAG of sapphire in different directions at different (a) grinding speeds, (b) grinding depths and (c) workpiece feed rates. As can be seen from Fig. 3, regardless of the direction in which the UV was applied to assist the grinding sapphire, the C f value increased with the grinding depth and the workpiece feed

Sapphire Lapping & Polishing Process

Sapphire Lapping and Polishing Process Single Crystal Sapphire. The use of Single Crystal Sapphire, as a high quality original opto-mechatronic material in the information age, is growing rapidly because of its excellent mechanical features such as stability and optic permeability. Problems on processing Sapphire. Sapphire has the property of extremely high hardness but …

Material (Precious process)

Core Drills : for sapphire Used for coring sapphire for LED substrates Diamond Wheels (Edge Grinding & Notch Grinding : for silicon wafers) Metal bond diamond wheels are used for edge grinding of silicon wafers. For notch grinding of large-diameter wafers, a small-diameter formed wheel is employed.

A Study on Electro-deposited Multi-layered Diamond Tool

Sapphire wafer edge grinding test was carried out and multi-layered 160µm thick diamond tool showed much greater grinding capabilities up to 2022 sapphire wafers than single-layered 50µm thick diamond electro-deposited tools of 420 wafers.

Taiko Grinding, Wafer Processing, Wafer Reclaim Services

Taiko Grinding Optim Wafer Services is able to offer a Taiko grinding service. This technique leaves ring of silicon around the outer edge of the wafer while the area where the devices are, can be thinned to as low a 100um and still allow backside processing to occur with no major adaptions to process equipment.

Diamond Grinding Wheels for Edge-Grinding_ …

01/10/2022 · Mainly used for edge grinding various glass tools such as ITO glass, PDP glass, quartz glass, microcrystalline glass, photovoltaic glass, automotive glass. Especially for chamfering sapphire substrate, silicon carbide substrate and silicon wafer, with the leading level in China. :Diamond Milling Grinding Wheels.

Processing and machining mechanism of ultrasonic vibration

maintain a sharp grinding wheel cutting edge, decrease grinding force (F) and improve surface quality and machining efficiency on sapphire. Wang [15] adopted a fractal analysis method to study the sapphire during the UVAG process and the wheel wear behaviour as well. Zhang

Properties of Sapphire Wafers, Sapphire Thermal Conductivity

Sapphire related services include, Sapphire wafer back-thinning, edge grinding, edge rounding, diameter reduction, hole drilling, chamfering, blending and polishing, v-grooves, surface pyramid structures, laser slag removal, slots and steps.


Sapphire (α-Al 2 O 3) is widely used in many fields for its excellent characteristics, in particular chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, hardness, transparency. Adamant Namiki grows single crystal sapphire by EFG method, by which different cross-section forms can be obtained.

Edge Grinder for wafer edge solution. Improves quality

The requirement for the wafer quality is getting higher and the condition of wafer edge is getting more important. The edge grinders "W-GM series" process edge grinding of various kind of materials such as Silicon, sapphire and a solution for that, Our W-GM series are highly rated among manufactures of silicon, compound materials and other wafer shaped materials.

Edge & Notch Grinding Wheels

Edge & Notch Grinding Wheels. Offering the broadest range of edge and notch grinding wheels in the industry, our expertise encompasses metal bond as well as direct-plated technology on steel or aluminum cores, for maximum flexibility in meeting our customers' requirements. We provide single and multi-groove wheels as well as single and multi

Arc Envelope Grinding of Sapphire Steep Aspheric Surface

The SiC-reinforced resin-bonded diamond wheel possesses favorable self-sharpening ability and sufficient diamond grain retention capacity for sapphire grinding. The wear distribution shows that the most severe wear parts of the grinding wheel are at the edge and the center of the grinding zone, which is consistent with the model-predicted results.

Sapphire Microtome Blades

New Grinding Technology. Reduced Distortion . New Engineered Coating. More Precise Sections. Our new SAPPHIRE® blades offer advantages that will help simplify the sectioning process. SAPPHIRE® low and high profile blades are manufactured to optimum thickness and precise edge geometry so they can be used without the need to make angle adjustments. The …

Efficient and Precise Grinding of Sapphire Glass Based on

The dry electrical discharge dressing technology was employed to obtain high grain protrusion and sharp micro-grain cutting edges. The influences of grinding process parameters such as wheel speed, depth of cut and feed speed on the ground surface quality, grinding force and grinding force ratio on sapphire glass were investigated, and the

Efficient and Precise Grinding of Sapphire Glass

19/09/2022 · In this paper, in view of low grinding efficiency and poor ground surface quality of sapphire glass, the coarse diamond grinding wheel dressed by dry impulse electrical discharge was proposed to perform efficient and precise grinding machining of sapphire glass. The dry electrical discharge dressing technology was employed to obtain high grain protrusion and …

sapphire edge grinding

Wafer Edge Grinder Machine - Edge Grinder Supplier from Hi-yen - sapphire grinding machine and supplier,UTK's model UWB-150 C-Concept is a fully automatic Wafer Edge Sapphire Polishing - Scribd Through cylindrical grinding the ingot is made into a perfect


Kyocera mass-produces Single Crystal Sapphire in a vertically integrated manner. From "pulling up" the raw material with EFG (Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth) methods to machining, Kyocera produces and supplies industrial products with large diameters or specific shape requirements. Sapphire Unit Call Features of Sapphire

Arc Envelope Grinding of Sapphire Steep Aspheric Surface

 · As grinding feed from the center to the edge of the steep aspheric surface, the sapphire crystal planes gradually turn to the N/R-planes and finally to the A/M-planes. As affected by the material-removal anisotropy of sapphire, the ground surface quality of different positions on the steep aspheric surface is different. The stylus profilometer (Form Talysurf PGI 1240, …

Investigation into the anisotropy of cross-grinding

18/07/2022 · Sapphire is a typical difficult-to-machine material, and ultra-precision grinding is the dominant technology used to achieve the required surface quality. 5 It has been reported that high surface integrity can be obtained if the grinding process is conducted in ductile regime. 6,7 Early studies about sapphire grinding were mainly based on the

sapphire:Rokko electronics Co., Ltd.

Expect to introduce knife-edge prevention process for Sapphire, which is already under operation for silicon. Thinning process Automatic grinding machine for sapphire and .SiC: Waxless polishing Sapphire wafer post cleaning particle measurement result: 150mm Sapphire wafer post cleaning particle measurement result. Pre cleaning. Scrb cleaning. RCA cleaning …

Apple Invents Methods of Manufacturing Sapphire Windows

Yet another embodiment may take the form of a method of manufacturing sapphire windows that includes extruding a sapphire member and grinding an edge of the sapphire member. Additionally, the

Edge Wheel for Sapphire Wafers_

Edge Wheel for Sapphire Wafers. Details: Edge grinding wheel for bevel machining of semiconductor material substrates. Thanks to a design featuring a uniform layer of fine grains and high-precision finishing technology, this grinding wheel makes high-quality, high-precision machining possible with minimal chipping.

Sapphire Wafer

Trim the plate edge to form a circular arc to improve the mechanical strength of the plate edge to avoid defects due to stress concentration. Polishing and cleaning Improve the roughness of the wafer to achieve the precision of the sapphire wafer and remove contamination from the wafer surface. Quality control

sapphire edge grinding

Sapphire wafers and sapphire substrates are available in C R A and M plane orientations. Sapphire related services include Sapphire wafer back-thinning edge grinding edge rounding diameter reduction hole drilling chamfering blending and polishing v-grooves surface pyramid structures laser slag removal slots and steps. Chat Online

Efficient and Precise Grinding of Sapphire Glass

 · In this paper, in view of low grinding efficiency and poor ground surface quality of sapphire glass, the coarse diamond grinding wheel dressed by dry impulse electrical discharge was proposed to perform efficient and precise grinding machining of sapphire glass. The dry electrical discharge dressing technology was employed to obtain high grain protrusion and …

Edge Ra: 20nm Ra: 19nm oa:o Traditional sapphire wafer grinding process requires frequent dressing, and it needs to do dressing with every single wafer. However, our special vitrified bonded grinding wheel can continue grinding without any dressing during processing. Able to grind the wafer at very high speed feed rate

Mirror surface grinding of sapphire by coarse grain size

Grinding is an important abrasive machining process in many manufacturing chains. In order to improve the material removal in the grinding of sapphire wafers, this study presents two brazed

Edge Grinding

 · Edge grinding, also known as Edge Profiling, is a process that is common to the manufacture of nearly all semiconductor related wafers and wafers that are used in the manufacture of many other electronic, solar, and nanotechnology devices. The edge grinding step is critical to the safety of the wafer edge. Silicon in it's crystalline state is very brittle and if …


WAFER EDGE GRINDING PROCESS (Wafer Edge Profiling) Application Note October 2022. Rev 02 10 13. Innovative Process Solutions. This application note discusses the Edge Grinding of hard, brittle materials that are common to semiconductor, MEMS, LEDs, and other applications. Edge grinding, also known as Edge Profiling, is a process that is common to the manufacture …

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